Phenoshade exhibition // live art auction

We are more than excited to announce our latest resident’s showcase! This month Prisma Estudio had the pleasure to host five artists, with different backgrounds and processes, that worked together to bring in life the showcase that will take place at this end of this month in our exhibition space.
A little bit about the artists:

Teresa Ascencao employs multimedia and audience participation to explore how human social constructs both separate us from and resemble non-human animals. In her project In-Sect, people from various Lisbon communities create miniature insect artworks from memory or imagination.

Camille Roos is a sensory artist and storyteller devoted to earth, eros, and psyche. She teaches humans to embody their creative power and express their wild imagination.
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Margarita Mironova (Mirori) is a Lisbon-based contemporary figurative painter. Her series Shadows of Recollection explores the ephemeral interplay of light and shadow, presenting memories as transient silhouettes. She uses traditional oil paints, plexiglass, and resin to offer a visual contemplation with deep emotional resonance.

cincin is a visual artist and storyteller from Taiwan with a degree in graphic design and art direction from NABA. She finds inspiration in urban landscapes, using vibrant colors and dynamic compositions to express complex ideas with gentleness and kindness.
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Francisco Hauss is a multidisciplinary artist exploring communication processes within nature. He spent 11 years in Shanghai, exhibiting at venues like the HOW Museum and Rockbund Art Museum. He has also shown his work at Design Week Mexico and various locations in New York and Colombia. His recent works examine how nature transforms into cultural symbols.

Esrin Ue is a visual artist who expresses her synesthetic view of the world through painting and projections. Her work, notably soulseeds, visualizes the human soul and captures deep emotions in small colorful compositions.
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Thursday 30 May 2024


6:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Prisma Estúdio
Rua da Palma 268, Lisboa 1200-660

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