Vegetable and Fruit Papyrus Workshop

12.03.2022 – 15:00 – 18:00

For Registration or more information send DM to @anahelenaguim on instagram.

The objective is to address some subjects such as the innovation in the area of sustainability and circular economy, in addition to the importance and process of creating a bio-material in a practical way. Each participant will make their own papyrus, accompanied by the workshop’s ministers! There will be important information about how the material should be taken care of, disposed off and applications on the industry.

And the best part is: The participant will learn how to finish the material with Epoxy Resin, and will be able to leave with a ready and waterproofed piece in addition to the papyrus they make on the day.

– Costs 10 euros per registration.

– Materials: (Fruit, kitchen paper, knives, pan) – all materials are included.

Hosting Artists

Larissa Monteiro, studied art at Campos Melo secondary school, and graduated in fashion design at FAUL in 2021. She has always used her fascination with nature as an inspiration to make art. Larissa was lucky enough to be born in a tropical country where there is no shortage of beautiful colors, shapes and patterns, and that’s where her aesthetic design got it’s roots. This propensity led the designer to experiment with organic matters, and to research biodegradable materials that today are a significant part of her work.

Ana Helena, started the studies in fashion design at Senai Cetiqt, later graduated in fashion design at FAUL 2021. The journey with biomaterials started in 2020 when she was researching new materials for fashion and since then she’s been tracing a path in research. Took a course on Local bio-based materials and started an internship researching and experimenting with biomaterial.

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