Baile do Prisma – Mel (DJ)

Sexta 25 Novembro 21 22:30h
Portas abertas 18h

Baile do Prisma · a 1H30 DJ set to honor the Lisbon scene and worldwide artists bringing energy, rhythms and cheerfulness to dance floors  


Amadora-based French AV creator, music producer and DJ, @melanie.lfc (aka M4) is a mixed media explorer from a Portuguese family. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for all non-verbal means of expression, her work explores contrasts, movement and chaos, reaching out for hidden and powerful emotions. M4 has always played music and started MAO, generative art and DJing in 2020 in London. The eclectic sets she constructs tell the story of club scenes from around the world, mingling major British and Portuguese influences and drawing bridges between batida, hard drums, club, fluxwork, baile funk, gqom, alternative, afro and many others. For her Portuguese premiere at Prisma, she delves back into her first influences, exploring how the sounds from Lisboa and their uncommon energy have been shaping her since her teens.

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