Andrzejki (Saint Andrew’s day)

SLAVIC CULTURE CENTER & PRISMA ESTÚDIO invite you to join magic journey through slavic traditions, rituals and music. Dare to look into your future with our traditional and re-invented fortune-telling games! Andrzejki (Saint Andrew’s day) is a traditional Polish holiday, during which young, unmarried women would gather and use fortune-telling to have a glimpse into their romantic life for the next year. They would pour melted wax through a hole in the key to cold water, and then read from the shapes of that little object. It would give them a hint about their future lover’s profession, wealth, looks, talents.

On 27th November we invite you to experience old pagan traditions in a modern way! Enjoy eastern folk music along with fortune telling games. Join our movie projection, mythology storytelling and slavic tea tasting.

• • • PROGRAM • • •

19:00 ……………… Movie projection of Polish legends
19:00 – 21:00 ….. Fortune-telling
20:30 – 21:00 ….. Slavic tea tasting
21:00 ……………… Mythology storytelling

*Free entrance (any contribution for the development of the Slavic Culture Center are welcome :))

Organisation: Slavic Culture Center
Poster: Izabela Puk

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

Due to the new restrictions, this event can just be visited by people who are fully vaccinated or who can present a negative covid test.

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