About Prisma

Prisma (Casa de Semente) is a non profit association dedicated to the research, creation, and dissemination of the arts based in the heart of Lisbon. Our mission is to support emerging artists from diverse creative backgrounds, helping them to develop their practice and share their work. Drawing on the principals of research, creation, production, distribution and promotion of artistic and cultural events, to the benefit of our associates and Portugal.

Since 2019, our studio has been supporting artists from a diverse range of creative practices. We gained association status in February 2020 and have since collaborated with more than 60 artists – holding exhibitions, salons, workshops, poetry slams and arts & craft fairs. We have supported unrepresented artists to find revenue streams and throughout the pandemic provided a safe space for them to create, with our residency programme.

The collective creates and implements art projects, bringing together a vast list of contemporary international artists and partners interested in inviting art to traditional and alternative spaces. Our team seeks to connect artists with projects that best suit their talents, as well as places that can benefit from their unique gifts. We create a multidisciplinary collaboration that enables a wide variety of innovative design solutions to enhance any space or experience.

We offer

  • Gallery, studio and workspace.
  • Organize and host exhibitions, shows, performances and other cultural events.
  • Organize and host lectures and meetings.
  • Organize and host workshops and conferences.
  • Organize and host residency and research programs.
  • Organize and host craft fairs / markets.
  • Production of offline and online media for internal and external use: magazines, posters, brochures, videos, photographs, sounds, postcards, newsletters and other potential media.

More Information

Association statutes
Recap 2020
Plan for 2021

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