Concert Vica Pacheco | Violeta Azevedo | Apulati Bien


Sunday 3/07/2022


Born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico, currently residing and working in Brussels. In her work, which we can consider quite versatile, she combines music with electroacoustic elements, sound art, video animation and sculpture.

The performance ‘Animacy or a Breath Manifest’ results from an investigation of pre-Columbian instruments made from ceramics. The research developed resulted in a series of wonderful flutes – sculptures that open up, without fear, to a totally new universe, in which breathing, organicity and energy are central elements.

In the relationship between investigation/construction, Pacheco builds a universe of ancestral music and ritual practices, as well as filled with mythological meanings.


‘Young flutist who recently started his solo career, after several works with Jasmim, haraem or Savage Ohms, and who makes an ambient hybrid between composition and improvisation.

Using the transverse flute as an unusual trigger for the sound of origin, it has an orchestra of pedals as it should be with which it timbrically draws and polishes a number of beautiful and abstract images that go back to various moments of the ambient; between the canonical Eno, the Kranky school (Windy & Carl, Stars of the Lid, etc), Basinski, but told OUT.RA, in an interview about his recent visit to Barreiro, that his heroine is one of the goddesses of synthesis modular and library music, Delia Derbyshire – which makes sense due to the pulsating patterns that they owe to this tradition and that Violeta also applies in these visions.’ (Rui Pedro Dâmaso . 2020)


Multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Brussels, who edited by the referents Promesses and Kraak. She is a member of the duo XOLOT along with Vica Pacheco.

Apulati Bien is a sound researcher who likes to stretch the boundaries between styles and intensities. His live performances are sonic moments in constant reconfiguration. As a result, a deep dive into synthetic textures. Apulati Bien creates a universe purposely distorted and designed from a hallucinogenic perspective.

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