Darina Smolkina – My first Diary

The collection of the paintings made by Darina Smolkina, over the past year and all over the world, her own diary, the beginning of her long story.

*** Vernissage 04th November – 7 pm **

• • • CRONOGRAMA • • •

04.11. … 19:00 – 24:00 h … Vernissage feat. DJ Getman *
05.11. …………………………… Exhibition by appointment **
06.11. … 20:00 – 24:00 h … Exhibition fear. Stone Jones (DJ Set) *
07.11. ……………………………. Exhibition by appointment **
08.11. .. 17:00 – 20:00 h .… Exhibition

* The vernissage event has an entrance fee of 10 EUR
** Exhibition by appointment (free entrance) – please call or sent a text to +351 968 449 728

• • • ARTIST • • •

Darina Smolkina, magic realism and symbolism artist was born and raised in Kyiv capital of Ukraine.

“When I was 6 years old my parents presented me with a fact, I need to make the first serious decision in my life, I had to choose a second school where I want to study. In Ukraine, you would normally go to the normal school and also another one which is more like classes, swimming pool, ballet, and others. I had a few variations, it was dance classes, piano, or art school, a very typical list for a girl my age.

Well, I was just 6 years old, and I didn’t take it seriously, but now I know, back then I made the best and the most important decision in my life. It was Art.It was a school that turned to college, and 10 years of studying in college named after S. Lifaria on the Art faculty and 4 years of Kyiv College of Technology and Design in my hometown, I moved to Portugal, this time I was 19 y. o. and this is was the second very important decision I have ever made because at this step my life changed from a student to a professional artist.I think the canvas is like my diary because all the works I make are part of my life story, it’s like a book just with pictures and numbers of pages, you don’t need to read it, you just watch it until it is over.”

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

Due to the new restrictions this event can just be visited by people who are fully vaccinated or who can present a negative covid test.

Credits – all pictures by Darina Smolkina

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