fluid – color- Flow

at the heart of the colorium lies the concept of liberation from the outcomes that often bind our creativity. Using fluid painting techniques on yupo paper, you will experience how letting go allows the unexpected and beautiful to emerge.
This workshop not only challenges you to rethink your approach to art but also acts as a metaphor for your personal
and professional challenges, promoting a philosophy of embracing the journey rather than focusing solely on the

this workshop is designed to engage yourself in the process of creation, encouraging you to embrace spontaneity and
the unpredictable nature of your artistic expressions, freeing you from the constraints of expectation and a perfect

Materials we will work with
✷ Yupo paper
✷ Ecoline liquid watercolors
✷ Acrylic ink
✷ Water
✷ Brushes and droppers

note: bring your phones or cameras if you like —filming what happens on the papers is amazing 🙂

About the Artist:

Esrin is a visual artist who expresses her synesthetic view of the world through painting and projections. Her work, most notably „soulseeds,” are visualizations of the human soul, capturing deep emotions in small colorful compositions. Straddling the worlds of painting and digital projection art, she blends both mediums to create new experiences.
Her paintings and projections invite the audience to reflect on the nature of perception, the essence of our being, and the representation of the soul.

Contact Information: @esrin.ue


Wednesday 8 May 2024


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm




Prisma Estúdio
Rua da Palma 268, Lisboa 1200-660

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