Because the theme of the exhibition is the body, this workshop will be a way to express how you feel about your body with your body.

It will be a moment to talk with your hand and to share in a safe place.

Doors open 5 pm – Entrance €3


Tuesday 28 March 2023


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Prisma Estúdio
Rua da Palma 268, Lisboa 1200-660


Sezin Solelua
Sezin Solelua

Sezin Solelua is an intuitive, self-taught painter from Istanbul, now based in Lisbon. Painting is my meditation, a way of connecting with my inner self and the world around me. With listening heart, I paint what I see and feel; will introduce a setting and flow that will guide you to do the same. Through this workshop we will inspire each other to use painting as self-expression, as self-awareness and create in our own unique ways.

Other Organizers

Adèle Dewavrin
Adèle Dewavrin

Adèle Dewavrin is a French writer known for her short stories and poems about her generation’s fights and how they feel about them. In 2022, she published a children’s book titled “La toute petite planète.” Her first exhibition, Reflections, is a product of her residency program. Collaborating with painter Helene, Dewavrin expresses her personal fight to liberate her body from societal and childhood constraints.

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