SPECTRUM – Vernissage

SPECTRUM presents works from different worlds where you’ll be able to experience a journey that goes from abstract to figurative, exploring inside each artist’s universe.

Ria Surreal (@ria.surreal) comes with MANTRA, a selection of works that presents visual worlds that take us to an utopian place where everything is possible and everything is accepted. The artist will be present in some moments creating amulets that work as personal mantras, made specially for whoever requests them.

Emma Gonsales Moro (@emma_gonsales_moro) usually draws from life but she doesn’t have a goal to repeat reality as it is, it always turns out to be more colorful and simple. The closest style to her art is primitivism (an aesthetic idealization and simplification of reality). She finds inspiration in the most unexpected things and places that can even seem ugly to someone, but not to her.

In Fedor’s works you can see his regular everyday desires and suffers, which he breaks up into small simple pieces and then gathers it all together and puts them on a smoking pipe shape.


Thursday 11 May 2023


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Prisma Estúdio
Rua da Palma 268, Lisboa 1200-660


Ria Surreal
Ria Surreal

(@ria.surreal) creates as a form of exorcism, expansion, evolution and purge. With a background in performance and contemporary dance, she’s interested in any medium that shows up as an extension of her free expression, in a journey towards the freedom and authenticity that connect us all.

Other Organizers

Emma Gonsales Moro
Emma Gonsales Moro

(@emma_gonsales_moro) is a graphic artist from Russia that does her works using mixed techniques and materials. She finished Moscow Film College , faculty of art and animation and now, for almost a year already, continues studying and exploring her style in Lisbon.


Fedor always loved to make small cute things by hand. Then, he came to school with deep biology learning where natural shapes settled in his head. Few years of art practicing as a director of photography in film school gave him understanding of the importance of expressing his own feelings and the relation to life in art.

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