Film pulmenti (workshop)

“The salvation of photography comes from the experiment. The experimenter has no preconceived idea about photography. . . . He dares to call “photography” all the results which can be achieved with photographic means, with camera or without.”

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1947

This workshop aims to explore one of the processes that the artist used in some of her images, Soups. A soup is an experimental technique, where the exposed or uncovered roller is submerged in different reagents. Due to its sensitivity to environmental changes, it reacts in different ways, resulting in unexpected effects such as color change and other destructive effects that alter its support. The materials used can be everyday, such as salt or lemon. Each combination of reagents will be different, creating a unique and unrepeatable effect, the results are never guaranteed, they are experiments and hypotheses. It may seem counterintuitive to capture images and then immediately damage them, but the end result will pay off.

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