1 – 6 September
Vernissage 01 September 6 pm

Amanda Elosa, Sebastian Cobo, and Yasmine Benabdallah met while doing an artist residency at Hangar, Artistic Research Centre in Lisbon, Portugal. These works, some finalised, others in-progress, echo their experiences in Lisbon and interactions with the city.

Looking for new narratives, Elosa’s work uses old love letters to create new crossover stories.

In “De/ Para”, postcard fragments are relocated to create new encounters, indicating the patterns of romantic narratives.

In “Histórias que não foram”, the artist uses old blank postcards to imagine the narratives that could have happened, but did not, giving space for the spectator to be the protagonist.

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Amanda Elosa

Amanda Elosa, born in 1993, is a visual artist and researcher. She ‘s graduated in Communication and have a postgraduate in Contemporary Artistic Practices at São Paulo’ Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP-SP).

She has already exhibited works at MAB – Museum of Brazilian Art and has been at Kayssá Residency. Elosa’s work talks about the body through visual productions. She studies the body as a mediator between the individual and the world. Contemporary sexuality and relationships are part of her research interests. Her work makes use of various methods and techniques, such as image (painting), three-dimensional (objects and sculpture) and text (publications).
Amanda studies the most varied experiences from the body relationship, investigating substance, narratives and social norms. He is currently a resident of the Hangar Institute, in Lisbon, Portugal. She lives and works in São Paulo.

Instagram: @amandaelosa
Website: www.amandaelosa.com

Sebastián Cobo

Sebastián Cobo (Santiago, 1993) is a Designer and Artist. His work is characterised by the use of geometry and the selective and random repetition of movements, strokes, patterns and objects as a visual tool to experiment through error.

He has individually exhibited the projects ‘Ocupar Un Vacío’ in Galería Animal, Perderse En Extrañas Direcciones’ in Galería NAC, ‘Pensamientos En Detalle’ in Galería La Sala, among others. His work has been shown in several collective exhibitions, fairs and projects inside and outside Chile. He participated in an artistic residency at Proyecto PAC – Galería Gachi Prieto (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and at the moment he is an AiR at HANGAR (Lisbon, Portugal).
His work has recently been added to the Maya Castro and Colección Ca.Sa collections in Santiago de Chile.

Instagram: @sebastiancobo
Website: www.sebastiancobo.com

Yasmine Benabdallah

Yasmine Benabdallah is a filmmaker and video artist whose work explores memory, performance, heritage, embodiment, diaspora, archive, and rituals. Some of her recent works
include “Ojalá: la vuelta al origen” (2018), a feature documentary on the dance of the Palestinian diaspora of Santiago, Chile, “Its people, its sky, its scent” (2018), a video installation on finding Chile in Palestine, “Our success is in sharing space or Allah made me queer” (2021), a short film and video installation on Islam, queerness, the private and public, and “Sab‘at ’Amwaj” (2021), a video installation on a ritual, the Atlantic, and lineage. Yasmine’s work has been shown in Morocco, France, Egypt, Germany, the US, the UK, Palestine, in addition to residencies in Palestine, Morocco, France, Portugal, and Tunisia where Chebba won the Cinephilia Best Screenplay

Instagram: @yasminebenabdallah.art
Website: www.yasminebenabdallah.com

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