Panóplia apresenta: Exposição Coletiva

Panóplia, a non-profit association with over 150 artists, presents a collective exhibition. An exhibition that presents 6 Panóplia artists from the most diverse arts and with 5 mentors that will exhibit their works, promoting their work. An open call was held to choose the artists and we took into account diversification, to show the various talents we have with us (unfortunately we can’t exhibit all of them). Our goal is to show our artists to the world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

*** Vernissage – 26th March – 17h ***

• • • SCHEDULE • • •

25.03. … 18 – 22h …….. Stone Jones no Prisma – Rap, Soul, Funk & RnB (Entrance 3 EUR)

26.03. … 17 – 22 h …….. Vernissage + Panóplia presents: Mentorias

27.03. … 17 – 20 h …….. Exhibition by appointment*

28.03. … 17 – 20 h …….. Exhibition

29.03. … 18 – 19 h …….. Exhibition & What did We see?

29.03. … 18 – 19 h …….. Exhibition & Invitational Jam

*please book your visit via 932249633

• • • ARTISTS • • •

Bárbara de Sousa (@desousa___)
Immersed in the concepts of loneliness, abandonment and emptiness, the visual artist Bárbara de Sousa has spent the last decade exploring the absence of color through mediums such as charcoal, oils, photography and engraving with the purpose of creating inhospitable and ineffable atmospheres. A Drawing graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, where she lives and works, De Sousa has participated in numerous national and international competitions and group exhibitions since she was a teenager. She has a piece in the public collection of the Municipality of Mértola and several pieces in private collections in Portugal, England and the United States.

Tomás Nunes (@imthepakistanman)
Tomas by name, Nunes by nickname, but better known as Paki. I don’t feel like saying anything more about myself. See you later.

Maria Sousa (@aiaimaria_)
I am Maria, I was born in 98 and drawing and illustration have always been part of my life. I remember being a child and exchanging dolls for crayons or board games, enjoying the smell of paints or the rigidity of paper. Nothing gave me more pleasure than that. I often say that drawing and creating are my therapy. After years of training, I feel more and more sure of my work and eager to show it to the world.

Beatriz Mestre (@naughty_mestre)
Beatriz Mestre is an illustrator with a degree in Multimedia Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and is currently a Master’s student in History of Art and Heritage at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. Her graphic work consists mainly of illustrations made with her favorite technique, linoleum engraving, in which she explores the theme of Eroticism applied to the Catholic religion and with several references to the History of Art.

​​Luís Gala (@galagalinha)
Luís Gala is a 25 years old Portuguese photographer. He discovered his passion for photography while studying Marketing and Advertising in college, since then he has evolved in both the artistic and author area as well as in the fashion area.

Eugénia Santos (
I’m from Lisbon and I have a great interest for a more conscious and sustainable life. I work as a graphic designer, I dedicate myself to miniature painting and on weekends I bake vegan bars! In the near future I intend to move to a smaller city and live near the countryside.

_ Ana Viotti (@anaviotti_)
_ Miguel Dias (@migueldiasanotherplanet)

Curated by
Panóplia (@_.panoplia._)

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