The Tourorists

After a brief hibernation period (during which they entered a well-insulated hole to gloriously record their long-awaited, critically acclaimed second EP!), The Tourorists have shaken off their proverbial cobwebs, stretched their musical and other muscles, and are ready to bring their enlightening noise back to the Lisboetan cityscape. Thus, they will be plugging into Prisma on March 6th to “play the hits” and even test out some new material…. and so can you!


Sunday 6th March
Doors 19:00
Free entry (daily membership required)

We will be selling some Tourorists artwork and merch on the night to fund future Tourorism. All money gained will be embezzled (T&C apply)


The Tourorists is international. The Tourorists plays songs about death, love, sudden loss of employment, homeless etiquette, animals, and other stuff too. Having formed circa 2017, with two members, only to be later joined by a turd, the band has released one EP in collaboration with Garden Collective and now has a second one in the oven, baking with help and support from Muti Collective and Garden Collective. As well as recording, they have played sold-out (and other) shows at such fine Lisbon venues as Arroz Estudios, Camones CineBar, Crafty Corner, O’Gilin’s Irish Pub, BOTA, Burrikornio, This Is Lisbon Hostel, Com Calma, and NucleoA70 (plus one back garden in Santiago de Guarda).

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