Tony Chan – Waves of Lisbon

Tony Chan was here, loaded with a finely-tuned selection of new works of a joyous and effervescent nature, to be admired in whichever manner you desire. After great success and an ever-increasing following within ‘the scene’ in Berlin, Stuttgart & also Singapore… All of the team of Prisma and Tony was extremely delighted to expose these fresh, lucid & ethereal gems right here in Lisbon.

The paintings of the exhibition offer a mesmerising juxtaposition between vivid, abstract movements of energy and colour…combined with obscure & captivating pockets of unquestionable peace and harmony; of which in fact resonate throughout each piece in their entirety.

The Soft Opening of Waves of Lisbon was combined with a cozy invitational dinner hosted by the artist. On the vernissage Lisbon’s unique experimental music project A Dog’s Heart and sunny music vibes from Kalil_Kalil_Kalil were presented.

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