Uma Água Por Favor – Performance

The night is not only made of Puntz Puntz. Drinks colored like a rainbow of bad decisions. Everyone speaks the same language. Smoke and loud music. Puntz Puntz. A dancing body against a dancing foot. Dancing with the eyes, dancing with the fingers, dancing on weak knees but with an empowered soul. Puntz Puntz. Glasses raised, no lyrics but everyone singing in unison. Troubled journey surrounded by sweat, epiphanies and unknown new best friends. Puntz Puntz. Interruption. Serious conversations alone with the bathroom mirror. A Classic Neon ritual. Every weekend. The morning after the night before. Mouth dry, or busy. At the end of the day, it was just another night.

*** Entrance 3 EUR – Door open 6 pm ****

• • • ARTISTS • • •

João Sanchez (1997) and Maria Abrantes (1998) live on the same second floor in Lisbon. João works freelance in the areas of cinematography, editing, directing, colour grading and DJ. Maria works in the field of dance as a performer, teacher and creator. In illustration and plastic production as Cagari Cagaró. Both graduated from António Arroio Artistic School in cinema and plastic production of performance, later in Cinematography by the Superior School of Theatre and Cinema and Dance by the Superior School of Dance, respectively. Maria integrated PACAP #4 Advanced Program of Creation in Performing Arts (2020) by Forum Dança. Together they created BICHO! a collective that works in site-specific (2019) and the experimental film A Invenção do Beijo with premiere supported by Público newspaper and article in Merge magazine in 2020.

Uma Água Por Favor is the multidisciplinary project that seeks to cross the areas of both.

– The collected works of Maria Abrantes, Cagari Cagaro, are a selection about the illustration of a tired body of the city life. An erotic body, a shared body a body of appearances. Butterfly (2022) and Movements (and) Fluid (2021); When I was Fired (2022) ; and the collection IT IS SO COMFORTABLE TO BE ALIVE (2020) ; Maria brings to Prisma three different phases of her work where these points relate in illustration format.

Born in 1998 in Vila do Conde. She started in 2013 her studies in urban dance and graduated in Dance at Escola Superior de Dança. She has interpreted pieces by Olga Roriz, Amélia Bentes, Alice Joana Gonçalves, Paulo Mota, Rodrigo Teixeira, Joana Borges, Maria Abrantes and João Sanchez, Miguel Moreira; Formiga Atómica. Currently she is working as an interpreter in the play Hamlet- L’Ange du Bizarre by Miguel Moreira.


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