_Release Day_ antematterz & Paes

Coming up next Friday 24th: 2 artists – 2 new albums. antematterz & Paes are presenting to us in an intimate evening their latest creations. Pass by Prisma and enjoy the new tunes of the albums Split Second and Blue Tree Salvador .

*** Doors open 24th of September – 6 pm **

Limited Seats – please reserver your ticket* – Entrance at the door 4 EUR (price includes the daily membership).

• • • antematterz presents Split Second • • •

antematterz is the stage name of solo Lisbon based eighteen-year-old artist Lucas Souza, who started releasing music under this name in November 2020. Lucas plays guitar and keys, and is the producer and writer behind all of his projects so far. Lucas grew up listening to CDs his parents kept in the car, and that shaped most of what his music consists of today. Genres like Folk, Indie Rock, and Lo-Fi are the way to young Lucas’ heart, and essential pieces of what make up the ‘antematterz’ sound.

antematterz’ debut starts off strong with ‘Split Second’. This record is charming, nostalgic and the warm tones paint the scene for a young love story that fell short almost too quickly. This six-track EP was written on the floor of Lucas’ old Lisbon bedroom after an argument with an ex-partner; it felt surreal, but it was a reality that soon would settle. His music, which is all self written, recorded, and produced, has been described as an interesting mixture of lofi, indie folk, and indie rock; ranging from vulnerable acoustic songs to almost too-far-to-reach reverbed out tracks.

• • • Paes presents Blue Tree Salvador • • •

Paes is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and visual artist. With career spanning fourteen-years, he has played about 130 shows solo or alongside artists that have taken him through Pernambuco, Pa raíba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espiritu Santo, Santa Catarina, and as far as Argentina. He has a repertoire of over 40 recorded songs, part of them written in collaboration with artists. the artist has been working on his new visual record Blue Tree Salvador (BTS), in collaboration with several artists from the Brazilian national scene. BTS was recorded, mixed, and produced by Paes in his temporary home-studio (in São Paulo) during the period of social isolation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. The record also comes with music videos, live sessions, photographs, and a do cumentary short film.

On this tour, Paes presents the songs that make up his fourth album, entitled “Blue Tree Salvador”, which will be published by his own label “Abismmo”. The seventh studio work by the Brazilian singer and composer, based in Lisbon, shows the universe created by her during the isolation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, when she was still living in São Paulo, before moving to Portugal. The songs reflect on existence, isolation and bring themes that speak of nostalgia, absence and memory. The performance is the image of a dream, a portrait of a moment to give new meaning to circumstances. In addition to the songs on the new album, Paes sings compositions from his other previous albums, released during his fourteen-year career, as well as versions of songs by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Jards Macalé.

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

*Please book your spot for the concert via tinyurl.com/PRISMALX

The entrance at the door is 4 EUR including the daily membership of prisma.

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