It presents itself as a mode of reflection and self-knowledge, it expresses images in order to find answers, peace. Through painting, sculpture, jewellery and small scenes, it expresses itself by seeking out and taking others to other realities that reflect what we live, what we are. The labyrinths of these paths, the meeting of these realities.

For the vernissage the artist invites you to join a jam session (no covers) – please bring your own instruments.

*** Vernissage 01th of October – 6 pm **

• • • SCHEDULE • • •

01.10. …. 18:00 – 22:00 h … Vernissage incl. jam session
02.10. …. 17:00 – 22:00 h … Exhibition and art & craft market *
04.10. …. 17:00 – 20:00 h ….Exhibition and workshop

• • • ART & CRAFT MARKET • • •

Art and craft market inside with socialising and music area outside (bring your own instruments). Art & craft by:

+ flor
+ camila prey
+ rita dias da silva
+ mattia domina
+ (jo)ana lopes
+ selma nunes
+ martim


by selma nunes – The aim is to create a series of drawings and/or words that have a follow-up and are composed in the format of a book. Bring material such as scissors, glue… and papers, images, writing that you would like to integrate in the workshop.

donation based

• • • ARTIST • • •

Selma Nunes, born in 1995, Lisbon, training at Escola Secundaria Artística António Arroio and Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon, among other small courses in drawing and painting. Dedicated to painting and writing, playing with different subjects, throwing what’s inside you out, exposing herself to others.Transpose her dreams, her fears, her reflections, the discovery of the soul,
playing with colors, with reliefs, with shapes, with links between them.
In these connections she understands her own connections,
the links between her and the world,
between her and the people,
between her and the spaces,
between itself and itself,

Discovering herself.The artist on IG @selma.rosa.nunes

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

Due to the new restrictions just people with a full vaccination or a negative covid test can enter our events.

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