Artist Seed – fertilisation ft. Toplap Lisbon

2-8 November

Vernissage Wednesday 2 November 7pm 7€

In the last 20 years, we have seen technology take such an important role, that its usage has become organically embedded into our daily lives. As its progress keeps on reaching every aspect of our humanity, to the point where even our hormonal cycles are tracked through a device linked to our wrist, can’t we push this idea further, giving birth to a parallel humanity fathered by the creative spirit within a web3 environment?

November 2nd 2022, will mark the release of a 1000 unique NFTs collection based on the sperm of the artist, Artist Seed, in order to give birth to the first metahuman. The Vernissage of the exhibition will showcase a variety of works inviting the visitor to reflect on the nature of predetermination and the influence of environment on the growth of a being between the material and digital realm.

Events of the week

02.11.Wednesday19-23Artist Seed – fertilisation ft. Toplap Lisboa 7€
05.11.Saturday19-23Concerto K.P Ring & Barry 4€
05.11.Saturday15 – 17Life Drawing Drop In 10€
06.11.Sunday11:30 – 13:30Improv workshop 7.33€
07.11.Segundo20 – 21:30Mossa Movement Somatic Workshop (donativo)
08.11.Monday20-23Pink Catatonia (donativo)

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