This is not another improv Jam! (TINAIJ)

Sunday 20 November – 18 December 11:30am-1:30pm €9

with Queen Queerlysh #lisbonportgual

Join for confidence, and community, you’ll take the skills of short and long-form improv away.


Weekly 11.30-13.30 09/10/22 until December 18/12/22

#Advanced payment ONLY!#

Sign up:

  • have a f**king good laugh
  • build #confidence and #selfesteem
  • hone performance #investinyourself
  • learn comic timing
  • Connect  #mentalwellbeing

What is it?

Improvisational live theatre: is unique every time where the plot, characters and dialogue are created at the moment so the story is different- Improv teaches the importance of support through authentic listening.

Rob Schiffmann

What is the commitment?

ONE TASTER to try out at any point.

Next step? FLEXI pass ALL 3 workshops expire 40 days after purchase.

Prices: taster ONE TIME ONLY €9 & FLEXI …Early bird 3 workshop pass- €25.71

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