“BarroklynConnections” is a series of events, where thought music and dance, people can express themselves freely. This flow of energy will be created by the audience and DJ, building up a bridge of respect and understanding.

This series will focus on World Music, mainly, “Afro/Black Music”, where we will start with the talented Rikyy and the very experienced Spoon.

DOORS OPEN 7 PM – Entrance 5 EUR incl. Free Drink


Rikyy (

“Mais que dançar com um clássico, celebrar na bravura dos sons”

Ricardo Rodrigues, better known as Dj Rikyyy, Portuguese also with Cape Verdean nationality. He began his career as a Dj in 2018 but had been messing with the Virtual Dj program out of curiosity since 2012 because of his mother’s friend who was a Dj. Since then he gained a taste for music and never lost it. With more than 65K listening in Soundcloud and with amazing performances in places as Arroz Estúdios; Radio Ophelia; Space Garden and many more, this young and passionate DJ, makes people dance for hours and really enjoy life. Smiling is more than the natural vibe when he plays

Spoon (@djspoon_oficial)

Edgar Galvao, better known as “Dj Spoon” Born in Lisbon in 1998, he began to feel a taste

for music at the age of 14 with his older brother who was also a DJ. Spoon started on the school radio participating in student lists/events and when he reached 18 years he started playing in his first house of residence “Replica Club” having been a dj in the same house for 1 year.

Soon after leaving this house, houses such as Selfie Bar (Amora), Rampa Beach Club (Fonte Da Telha), Roots (Amora), Mo Vida (Cacem), Património (Queluz), Escadas Bar (Porto), Special Shisha (Sesimbra) ), Sai de Gatas (Setúbal), Inside Bar (Setúbal) As well as his first cap at the Nollywood Club (London). Spoon is influenced by African music and its styles. His references are Black Coffe, Djeff Afrozilla, Shimza, Danni Gato, Barata, Caianda, Studio Bros, Boddhi satva.

With a career spanning 6 years Spoon has a long track record when it comes to clubs and bars, based on Afro-House, this electrifying style of music that leaves anyone moving.

Event presented by @thebarroklynagency

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