Ceramic exhibition – Selma Nunes

2 – 14 March

Thursday 2 March 7pm Vernissage (jam session)

Amidst the passing years, a myriad of ceramic pieces have been crafted, dismantled, reimagined, and set in motion. A world of clay perpetually in flux, each day unveiling a new form of exhibition for all to behold. Vernissage of the exhibition “Selma Nunes Ceramics”, Performance with ceramics and music by Abel Zarco.

Open Jam Session afterwards.

Vernissage (jam session) Thursday 2 March 7 pm

Catalogue of Ceramics

Photography : Xristina Sayoğlu


Painting, writing, and exploring diverse materials, Selma Nunes sends forth the essence of her being, baring her dreams, fears, reflections, and the discovery of her soul. Through the interplay of colors, reliefs, and shapes, she creates connections that reflect her own interconnectedness – between self and the world, between self and others, between self and space, and ultimately, between self and self. In this process of exploration, she uncovers new facets of herself and the world around her.

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