Diss Cuss1

31 July 2pm

Carlos Cirilo invites Ana Moraes to the first conversation of the Diss Cuss cycle.

On the 31st of this month, June, the Prisma space invites you to attend the Conversation between Carlos Cirilo and Ana Moraes mediated by Benedita Roby. In line with the theme of Carlos’ Exhibition and Ana’s photographic work, the dialogue will revolve around the topics of street photography, particularly that which recognizes the aesthetic and performative property of Graffiti and Pixação. Between Lisbon and São Paulo, we will question the moral geographies associated not only with these transgressive practices, but we will also reflect on the antagonisms and contradictions of the city, and consequently of contemporary society, namely the persistence of patriarchy in these sub-cultures that claim to flee the ‘ common sense norms.

And isn’t that the role of art?

Doors open 2pm – Entrance 2€


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