Cachupa Poetica II

31 July 7pm

On the 31st of July, will take place in Prisma, the second edition of the poetry event promoted by DELAMANTRA! If the first edition went well, the second one will be even better! In addition to the poetry of LUÍS PERDIGÃO, PATRICIA COSTA, TIAGO PERES AND WITCHVESSLA, you can also enjoy the best cachupa of Cape Verde and surroundings, accompanied by the rhythm and vocal chords of ALLY and JA YL’SON!

Cachupa Poética II promises to be an exciting event, full of good energy, for people aged between 8 and 80!

Entrance to the event will be 3€.

We will also have the menu cachupa available for 6€, with drink and coffee included!


Luis Perdigão – Poet and narrator of the urban jungle, co-leader of Todomundoslam, author of the book “E Se o Futuro is Hoje”, co-host of the project “2700 dias de ferro”. Luís is a bird that has flown a lot and the horizon is still far away.

You can follow the flights on the page (

Tiago Peres – With bright eyes and sharp mouth, Tiago is a creative writer, poet, podcaster and a world and word traveler, you can follow his work on his instagram page

(, and spotify (

Patrícia Costa – Woman of strength, poet, clinical psychologist and co-founder of the “Psilesbos” and “TU e EU” projects. A fierce adept of spoken word and poetry, Patrícia multiplies herself and others, giving the various pieces of what she is supposed to be.

Maria (witchvessla)- Started writing with more devotion when she found herself in a somewhat dismal situation and didn’t feel comfortable talking. She saw in writing a tool for understanding her psychology.

Her themes tend to be more oriented towards the unpleasant, towards what Man hides from his peers, towards very real situations, masked by carefully woven metaphors that almost escape… almost.

Ally – She likes to play guitar, sing and brighten the hearts that pass through her. She considers that although Music is not a livelihood, it is what gives life, it is an important form of communication. All together in the right vibration we can change everything for the better, healing the pain and wars we all fight :). You can follow her work through IG

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Ja yl son – one of the many forms of the great jay grace, ja yl son of the light brings us reggae to our ears and jah to our hearts. Always with the good vibes and irreverence, the sun never sets when this son of God passes through our stages. You can follow his work on the

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