Drawing with Yoga

28 August 5-6pm Entrance 5€

This yoga practice is opening a space to experience the transformation with yoga. Experiencing the transformation by drawing/painting 10min expressions before and after the yoga practise. How it expresses before breathing and relaxing the body, mind and heart, and after.


SEZO (@solelua.season)

Sezo is a self-taught Turkish artist who currently lives in Lisbon. Started to focus on her path in these late couple months. Studied Visual Communication Design in İstanbul, Turkey, also did Erasmus in Lisbon in the field of Communication Science & Culture.

Besides her academic history, she went to an art course where she met her friend/art mentor and learned from him about herself and her art. Gave the support to walk her path fearlessly and create in her own unique way. Sezo’s art simply exists, here and now, however it wants to express and flow- no limits no boxes no rules…

She recently turned a fish shop for sale into an exhibition space, exhibiting her works of art for the first time.

Website: https://www.solelua.net/

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