K.P. Ring & Vincent Booth, Francisco Nogueira and Alexandre Weisz Live

In the framework of the exhibition “Mimetismo, Reclusão e Soltura” we invite you to another music session hosted by K.P Ring, This time K.P Ring brings on stage his friends Vincent Booth, Francisco Nogueira and Alexandre Weisz.

*** Doors open – 11th March – 6 pm – Entrance 4 EUR**

• • • ARTISTS • • •

K.P. Ring hails from Ireland blending folk, jazz, pop, Indie, and more. The experienced songwriter blends well-crafted tunes with his passion for improvised music. The band consists of K.P. on guitar and vocals, Vincente Booth of ‘Mazarin’ band on electric guitars/bass, Francisco Nogueira (Biloba) on upright bass and Alex Weisz of ‘Krusty Fondant’ collective on keys.


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