Lost & Found – Art Circus

The “Lost & Found – Art Circus” consists of a collective exhibition of 10 artists from the most diverse areas, resulting in an eclectic presentation, integrated works by painters, sculptors, and the inclusion of photography, video and graffiti..

Themes of distorted reality, criticism of mass urbanization are addressed, where the psychological manifestations of each individual instilled in the works presented reach an experimental result as a whole as a collective.The works are presented in a raw and frontal way, escaping the visual rules of the academies and institutions frequented by so many.

In the end, recreate in art the room of the lost and found. Where once things that were considered lost… are found, in this case in Prisma from February 2nd to February 8th.

Curated by @vrtx_o_e

*** Vernissage – 02th February – 18h ***

• • • SCHEDULE • • •

02.02. … 18 – 22 h …… Vernissage & Music Set The Group
03.02. … 18 – 22 h …… Exhibition & Flash Tattoo day & Dj Set Insane Headz
04.02. … 18 – 23 h …… Exhibition & Concerto Tiago A Cappella & Dj Set Staff
05.02. … 18 – 23 h …… Exhibition & Dj Set Insane Headz
06.02. … 19 – 22 h …… Exhibition & DJ Set Body Matrix
07.02. … 17 – 20 h …… Exhibition
08.02. .. 17 – 20 h …… Exhibition by appointment*

*Please book the exhibition visit via 00351 932249633

• • • ARTISTS • • •

GRLDS – Rui Geraldes originally from Cartaxo but living in Caldas da Rainha for the last 4 years. His work reflects many hours of abstract thoughts, dark emotions and noisy music will take you to the prism flash tattoos, canvases, prints, t-shirts, stickers and other surprises.

Francisco Lopes – I am a young ceramist trained in the artistic school António Arroio and a final year student in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon. Ceramics, stone, metal, wood, among other materials are the ideal tool to express what I can not say in words.

Samuel Duarte – Visual artist since childhood. Painter until death. Currently in the process of graduating in sculpture at the faculty of fine arts of lisbon. I intend to continue to wander around this world helping anyone I can and share what I register inside myself or in drawing.

Filipa Matos – I study Multimedia Art at FBAUL. I have been creating unconsciously works that refer in one way or another to the exploration of light in the void, without a focus of light the pieces remain hidden. I create through Photography, Video, Soundscapes and Visual Arts.

George Hicks – Lez is an artist from England who has been living in Portugal for 2 and a half years. He is mainly based on graffiti and started to transfer the colors, shape and figures to canvas, working with dark figures and polarizing with soft colors.

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

Due to the new restrictions, participation in all events requires the presentation of a negative test result. For visiting the exhibition a vaccination proof or a negative test result is required. The use of a mask in the inside area of Prisma is mandatory.

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