Do Your Thang – A curation by Stone Jones

The week is intended to showcase some of the different types of skills present in my group of friends as well as to introduce the artists themselves to the public. Do your thing, do your thang.

Group exhibition of Mess Jess, Alexandra Variations, Blind, Flavius Augustus and henrique.da.x.

*** Vernissage – 25th Janeiro – 19h ***

• • • SCHEDULE • • •

25.01. … 18 – 22 h …… Opening collective exhibition & DJ Set Stone Jones
26.01. … 17 – 20 h …… Collective exhibition
27.01. … 18 – 22 h …… Collective exhibition feat. clay molding by Flavius Augustos and Mega Drive session
28.01. … 19 – 24 h …… Collective exhibition feat. DJ Set Migas da Rainha
29.01 … 19 – 24 h …… Collective exhibition feat. DJ set Stone Jones & DJ moza, Vintage clothes e Jewellery by gneasys (3,5€ Entrance at the door)
30.01. … 18 – 22 h …… Closing Collective exhibition feat. Beat making session by Amon & Stone Jones

• • • ARTISTS • • •

Stone Jones, DJ and Producer, part of Superbad Rec. since its foundation in 2010, as well as the Show No Love Collective, along with the artists Holly Hood, Here’s Johnny, Short Size [R I.P.] and El Loko. In 2020 I founded Blckout Records, an independent label focused on promoting Portuguese rap, and released the EP “Cão”, both together with the rapper Amon, who has been with me since my first steps as a beatmaker in the Top Dogs collective in 2006.In 2021 I released in my own name an instrumental project called “Sade EP” as a tribute to one of my first musical references, and a remix EP in memory of the late MF DOOM called “MF JONES”.

Migas da Rainha
In a night of deep thoughts when preparing a warm-up party for Caldas Late Night 17, Migas da Rainha were born, as a tribute to the city that brought them together in 2012.
They got together because they were friends and because they wanted to share and bring out all those beautiful sounds and beats, from the most forgotten and pure 90’s R&B to the new school Hip Hop they used to dance at home. In 2022 the will remains the same and they don’t waste any opportunity to share again the music that unites them.

DJ Moza
The suburbs of Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros is my musical cradle, Rap and RnB from the 90’s are my upbringing, the family my musical training in Afro Music (Naija, Dancehaal, Amapiano, Batucada) and the “streets” the mother of my Afro beats. I’m known for mixing various genres of music, blending my African origins with Hip Hop culture. I like to lead my listeners into a momentary duality of nostalgia and fun.

Henrique da Cruz, also known as henrique.da.x, born 1993, is a communication designer by training and illustrator by passion. In his work, he tends to use strong contrasting colors, expressive lines and references to popular culture, more specifically, Hip-Hop culture.

Alexandra Variations
My name is Alexandra Ventura and I am 34 years old.
I studied Design, Illustration and Photography and I work as a designer,
but the love of my life is graffiti, since 2004.
Between lettering and illustration come hell and choose,
because I can’t. It all starts on paper
and I try to make it end up on the wall. I like to create with
various techniques, whether digital or manual.
I do a little bit of everything, from design and digital illustration
illustration to graffiti and drawing, not forgetting other more traditional
not forgetting other more traditional techniques, but with a refresh
embroidery, sewing and macramé. What there
lack are ideas and materials to explore.

João Gouveia AKA John Blind is a visual artist with roots in academic drawing and graffiti, emerging from the mixture of various techniques and cultural inspirations and in constant search for new methods emerges an expressionist style strongly inspired by ancient tribal masks trying to retain various emotions in the use of an explosion of bright colors and contrasting with a strong line.

Jessica Costa, 1994, Lisbon
Portuguese artist with experience in illustration, painting, embroidery and graffiti. These aspects have revealed themselves to be a good way to manifest her imaginary and her experiences by representing and materializing them. She explores from murals to embroidery as far as the limit of her creativity allows, always wanting to transmit a positive and harmonious message that involves the environment and the public.

Flavius Augustus @bad.screwer
Painter and sculptor born in 1987. Emerged in graffiti and has been part of his life for over 20 years, many adventures, various experiences that complement his recent projects with various techniques and materials such as plastic paint, clay, spray and silicone. The works and pieces he creates arise from ideas and experiences lived in his day to day.

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

Due to the new restrictions, participation in all events requires the presentation of a negative test result. For visiting the exhibition a vaccination proof or a negative test result is required. The use of a mask in the inside area of Prisma is mandatory.

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