Lote 3


Prisma Estúdio is proud to invite you to discover the suburbs of the Azambuja line (Alhandra) – through the creations of Telmo Martins (Ozzy), an emergent visual artist bringing his”street” work to a gallery setting, Breaking any banal expectation or popular belief that mythologizes the suburbs. In “Lote3” we gaze directly at the youth accused of delinquency and “Bad Behavior” and their subcultures – characterized as “unable to succeed in a gallery”.

“Lote3” portrays an intimate connection between The Suburbs and The Metropolis, the real
social fabric of Portugal, shown through the lens of Telmo Martins.

Rather than a fetishization or a romanticization of the suburban, it is the experience of its
warmth, its tensions.

A testimony.

A guided journey by Telmo, our artist and narrator of this “global youth”, of his collection of
imaginaries his immersion in the global inventory of The Streets, in its version of a recognized alternative reality that remains for the vast majority, unknown.

Among canvases, sculptures and glass boxes stacked with ready-mades, organized in
monumental layouts with models of buildings that feature the city as a character in the narrative, we travel between a model of Lisbon and its metropolitan area.

We take the skin of young Telmo, in the midst of this effervescent, ravenous civilization, and we are confronted with the desire for satisfaction; what is represented here is the search for means to bring such satisfaction, even when these means are not deemed safe or accepted yet, and at the same time, relatively common.

The rush, the desire for the immediate, gauged against the habituation to the “irremediable” – the juxtaposition of empathy and fear.

This adulation of the non-innocent- and the confusion of knowing that being young today, is
being exposed on a stage and leading us to seek camouflage in the urban environment. Such camouflage arises from the association with an entity that involves us in something bigger than just itself (a group, a gang) – with symbolic branding that welcomes the camouflaged appearance as an identity.

With Telmo Martins we walk through an installation composed of all angles of this complex composition. We wear Nike sneakers, we bask in its glory, we receive its advice, we wish, we give up, we regret – it is in total immersion that we witness, even in The Confession, we see our image; our role; also enrolled.

Telmo makes these works to prove that he can succeed in life as an artist, narrating old stories like new ones – layer upon layer of cutout felt. The contemporary, the emerging, the underground and the urban space are conjoined in perfect alignment. The intention of the century, of mass culture, of the “Right” music today, of the hip-hop that we listen to while we are cross train lines from Lisbon to Alhandra, come together in an ecstasy of conceptual depth that reflects deeply on our times.

Telmo Martins debut solo exhibition comprises recent works from the past 2 years that show
the uniqueness of this decade, this year, this place.

An experience not to be missed at Prisma.



Telmo Martins aka ozyfromblock born in the capital but since adolescence with suburban roots in the line of azambuja. always felt a need to express themselves and in one way or another to make known the spirit that keeps alive an underground culture. from graffiti and beats to plastic expression and tattoos was a natural step. Currently working on projects with the goal of showing the suburban adversities as a social problem and give focus to the realities lived in metropolitan areas where normality and marginality often go hand in hand.

Lote 3 is the culmination of a long process of exploration together with personal experiences that over time will broaden the scope of the artist making the work often metamorphosis of itself. Accompanied or alone the motto is not to stop, the world does not stop either, and this is reflected in the work presented. Buildings, motorcycles, street wear, urban areas, the zone, the people and many other things.

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