From the 26th of December until the 09th of January Prisma hosted the artists Micha Cohen, Inês França, Macila and masya, in a winter art residency. This week the artists are going to showcase their artworks created in this period in the exhibition “residensity”, together with live painting, performances, DJ-Set and a heart circle ….

*** Vernissage – 21th January – 6 pm ***

• • • SCHEDULE • • •

On Thursday, besides the exhibition with their work made on this residency, some of artists present to you live painting and an interactive performance “entering into thoughtlessness”. With the sensitivity of the paintings, let us dive into the co-creative process of uncovering what appears through our bodies without thinking, without objective, without aim, without knowing what can be ….

For the Vernissage on Friday DJ Stuff, live painting and the performance “a thoughtless creature” in collaboration with Alto das Fadas & Lusitanian radical faeries will present to us the illusion of realities.

On Sunday we invite you to the Heart Circle. Heart circle is one of the central traditions of radical faerie community.
Heart Circle space is an invitation to dive into the heart and listen to one another with the heart. This is a practice that is centered for expanding the heart, and listening to the person who is speaking without interruption or feedback, allowing for time and space for full expression and attention from the heart. At the core of faerie life is the heart circle. It is a sacred, safe and non-judgemental space for sharing our emotions. A place to offer and receive support from the community.

20.01. … 18 – 22 h …… Soft Opening with live painting & interactive performance
21.01. … 18 – 22 h ……. Vernissage feat. DJ STUFF & Alto das Fadas & Lusitanian radical faeries (Performance)
22.01. … 17 – 20 h ……. Exhibition via appointment *
23.01. … 16 – 18 h ……. Heart Circle
23.01. … 18 – 20 h …… Exhibition via appointment *
24.01. … 17 – 20 h …… Exhibition

* Please book your appointment via or 00351 932249633

• • • SYNOPSIS • • •

“Thoughtless” by Micha Cohen are a collection of pieces made without planning or thinking aimed to surface elements from the unconscious to the conscious. Inspired By Indigenous Art, and cave paintings. I used a flow of brush with light colors on dark backgrounds to create a tapestry of Lines, Symbols and Characters that would take a life of their own.

“Pass and Stay” by Inês França, is about the crossings of people’s different lifelines, which at a certain place and time collided with my lifeline. Through observation, I absorb from these people. I reflect everything I absorb. A visual essay on this non-cognitive impact of the succession of events of appearing, absorbing something, and going with it.

“untitled” by Macila – This series of work, which the artist chose to keep untitled, explores the human body and minds in an abstract way. They use a solid color pallete of red, white, black and blue to recall anatomic figures in science books, using embroidery and painting on clothes and other surfaces.

masya, presentes to us masya,,

• • • ARTISTS • • •

Micha Cohen (Israel) AKA Puka,, Born in Jerusalem, Bachelor of fine Arts in Animation, Illustrator, Story Artist, Painter, Muralist, Dreamer. “I always drew since I can remember, as a kid my drawings were mostly consisted of dark mystical realities, Vampires, Demons and Monsters of all sorts. It was kept secret until my creative awakening during my late 20’s combined with interests in the hidden Unconscious world, Psychedelics and Nature That gave birth to my new surreal style of Visual storytelling with abstract worlds of Characters and colors”.

Inês França, born in Porto, has completed a specialized artistic photography course at Escola ArtÍstica Soares dos Reis, and a graduation in Sound and Image at ESAD in Caldas da Rainha. She describes that all her work are loaded with a very personal and mainly autobiographical nature, using languages and expressions that allow her to address issues inherent to her. Her main goals while creating and producing artistic objects, during the creative process, are going through making these projects a way to get to know better everything that is part of her, as well as everything that surrounds her, often treating creation as self-therapy for certain questions. The objective is also to get people to later identify with these projects, especially if these same issues are close to them, providing them with a vision and a personal perception that is possibly different from theirs.

Macila é umx artistx multidisciplinar do Brasil e alunx do último ano de Artes e Multimédia na Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa. Os trabalhos transitam por diferentes meios como a pintura, fotografia experimental e artesanato, mas actualmente experimenta com têxteis e bordados, na sua grande maioria personalizando roupas e utilizando a moda e a arte em conjunto como uma forma de auto-expressão. is a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil and final year student of Arts and Multimedia at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Their work transits through different mediums such as painting, experimental photography and artisanal works, but currently they experiment with textiles and embroidery, mostly customizing clothes and using fashion and art together as a form of self-expression.

masya,, I am both characters
– Say “everything” !
– All Q ?
– think !
– Teach me to think !
– Dismiss !
-I think !

Alto das Fadas & Lusitanian radical faeries.
a thoughtless creature
what is the life of a flat surface creature? what happens to characters and lines left on a wall when no one watches them?
dance and music inspired by the quality of two dimensional space, and the illusion of realities that give three dimensional spaces.

• • • PLEASE NOTE • • •

Due to the new restrictions, participation in all events requires the presentation of a negative test result. For visiting the exhibition a vaccination proof or a negative test result is required. The use of a mask in the inside area of Prisma is mandatory.

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