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Isolation / “Unromanticization” of lockdown / Right to housing

Collaborative art exhibition of artworks produced during the current times of the Covid-19 pandemic, reflecting on isolation, with different perspectives on the same idea by a group of young artists, through different mediums, from painting and drawing to installation, poetry, video, music (performance) and photography.

The creation of a new liminal space in-between ignorance and its opposite: a whole new world full of different points of view/ideas and opportunities.

From paintings of obscure imaginary spaces that recall dreams (or nightmares), photographs that explore the space that organizes us, poetry and drawings that recount routines, film that subverts a fixed narrative and music as a cry for change, this exhibition is born, as a metaphor for the situation we all encountered ourselves in and with which we tried to deal with daily, some having more difficulties than others. Hence the idea of spreading a message of empathy and attention to each other, since the sense of community is something we missed, since the first time we were asked to stay home and have no contact with one another, but for a common good to all, for safety towards these ones we call “ours”.

Nonetheless, now is the time to open more than window, and, yes, a door for the world outside where you can meet again, with the notion that some did better than others, without romanticizing isolation.

The right to housing is something essential and necessary, and especially during these times, it’s important to understand how what surrounds us can affect us, and it’s unarguably everyone’s right to have conditions in this sense.

Vernissage 16th . 6pm – 10pm

Events of the week

  • THU (16) / 6 – 11 pm / Vernissage feat. Benjamin Barrett
  • FRI (17) / 12 – 6 pm / Exhibition
  • SAT (18) / 12 – 6 pm / Exhibition
  • SUN (19) / 12 – 3 pm / Exhibition
  • SUN (19) / 5 – 10 pm / clericbeast & Hetta (concert – entrance 5 EUR)
  • MON (20) / 12 – 6 pm / Exhibition
  • TUE (21) / 12 – 6 pm / Exhibition
  • TUE (21) / 6 – 7 pm / What did We see?


Marta Paula


Marta Paula is a multidisciplinary artist from Lisbon, Portugal, whose work explores various themes within a social context, reflecting about the community she’s in and her surroundings.

With a background in Communication Design at António Arroio Artistic School, in Lisbon, she now lives and studies in London doing BA Fine Art: Painting at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, dividing her time between the two cities.

Her work goes beyond painting and drawing, exploring different mediums and techniques, from writing to ceramics, linoprinting and film photography, with the aim of reflecting and expressing a message, in a visual subjective way, on themes like migration, culture, the right to housing, the pandemic times, war and conflict around the globe, etc.

This documentation of the reality/life and “what happens outdoors, that all of us encounter/ where all of us are” is a way of collaborating and involving herself in a sense of community that is needed both to create and to “be”. With her artistic work in response to this, she finds a way of giving something back to the ones that she learns and grows from as a person on a daily basis.

Alexis Augusto


With an educational background in music, creative direction and later fine art, the practice anchors itself in themes of consumption, labour and the place of identity within a society, with a keen interest on how sound can transform visual narratives.

The exploration of theses themes come from a need to defy and occupy political space which is often closed to queer and trans individuals, simultaneously relying on abstraction as an act of refusal to be defined.

Working between video installation and photography, the creation process is rooted in non linear storytelling and acts of chance, however the relationship with architecture or more precisely the exhibiting space and it’s audience is the main conductor and preoccupation after the idealisation phase, as scale becomes hugely influential in how the viewer perceives the narrative and physically interacts with the works.

André Rodrigues


Born in Lisbon, he began his artistic training at Escola Artística António Arroio, specializing in Video-Cinema. He studies Sound and Image at Escola Superior de Artes e Design, in Caldas da Rainha.

Currently, in the last year of the degree, he tends to opt for narrative possibilities through different elements collected or captured.

He approaches an idea of ​​montage, where he gives order to a “banalized chaos”.

(link to view the movie on channel: )

Benjamin Barrett


Benjamin Barrett is an independent musician/producer from Lisbon, inspired by the roots of rock, blues, psycadelia, folk, punk, grunge, indie, hip-hop to create his own sound and perspective.




“I was born in 2002 with creativity pulsing in my veins and, thus, naturally I embarked on the search for an artistic career; I went through the Escola Artística António Arroio, which left an indelible mark on me; there I developed curiosity and a taste for the most diverse forms of Art, I created pieces of contemporary jewellery, chosen by the School Board to integrate a traveling exhibition across Europe; today, at the age of 20, I continue to grow as an artist and person; I am attending the degree in Art and Heritage Sciences at the Faculty of Fine Art, at the University of Lisbon, now my home; at the same time, I try to start my path as a visual artist through drawings and paintings, in a thought influenced, for example, by Virgil Abloh, Picasso, Basquiat, Baselitz, Austin Lee, Daniel Arsham and Francis Bacon, artists from different areas that I try to bring together to create my language, which wants to be transversal to society, today plagued by problems of different kinds; in my iron intention of transmitting the genuineness of the world in which I believe, I intend, through the fist of creativity, to mark a position and share with the public, in a reciprocal relationship, the answers for the overcoming that, in the depths of the soul, everyone seeks.”

Zoe McIntosh


Zoe McIntosh is a graphic design student at London College of Communication, sourcing her inspiration from natural patterns, textures and the fruit and vegetables she grows in her poly-tunnel back at her home in the Wye Valley, Wales. Zoe is also the founder of the Humble Soup Collective, experimenting with the versatility of soup and flavours of poetry.

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