Surdos Mútuos redo scenes from “Antiporno”

Saturday 16 July 6 – 11 pm

Music, poetry and visualjam

Experimental is an insult. The whole thing is absurd.

When more presumptuous poetry meets crossdresser synthesizers and the hungry noise of string theory, unexpected visions manifest on the liquid screens of the mundane Unconscious that react in unreal time to the unpredictability of SURDOS MÚTUOS – a synesthetic epileptic spoken word collective from the Lisbon riots – this Saturday, 16/07, they come to Prisma Estúdio to open the doors to the multiverse of Sian Sono – a Japanese sagittarian filmmaker – more precisely to his masterpiece: “Antiporno,” and cut them to pieces. Join the banquet. Starting at 6pm.

#synthpoetry #glossolalia #noisecore #experimentalaf #1984 #dada #xéxé

Doors open 6 pm


Surdos Mútuos are an experimental sound collective that mixes synthesizers, electric guitar, spoken word and a live performance with visual effects that interact in real time with the music that is bound to strike a nerve.


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