Amantes Ocasionais

15 July 6 pm

Prisma Estúdio and Editora Urutau proudly presents the book Amantes Ocasionais from Lígia Reyes.

The release of the book will be done by Cláudia Lucas Chéu and the readings will be held by Irma Estopinà, Luiza Nilo Nunes, and Maria Giulia Pinheiro

Threesome (a poem that can be a photography)

To Marion
Siddharta said something about greatness
he loved a woman that asked for pearls
the rarest that he could find
deep in the ocean;
The poet held a jewelry box
he said that he could keep pearls intact,
and she said,
"poets always lie,
poets just want to be part
of something great"
Sidhartta opened his hands and said to her,
"here are your pearls, my love
but I have to tell you
pearls, aren't the rarest thing
deep in the ocean"

Doors open 6 pm – Annual Membership 3€


Lígia Reyes

On August 30, 1990, a fire broke out on the mountainside of Serra da Estrela. The flames could be seen from the room where Lígia Reyes was born. It was under the sign of fire that she developed her aesthetic and poetic sensibility.

Between the creation and the destruction of her literary work there is a short step. Some of the writings that were saved were published in literary magazines (“South of No North”, “Apocrypha – PLEC 8” in Turkish in “Türkiye Dil ve Edebiyat Derneği”, in the Ecofeminist Zine “My Womb is a Bomb”, in the Independent Magazine “Tlön” and in the Magazine “Pulsar”).

She published her first book of Poetry, Amor Peixe e Outras Loucuras, by Urutau Publishing in 2019. She has been invited to present her work at the International Young Writers Meeting in Turkey, Porto Book Fair, Óbidos Literary Festival 2019, Libraria Paz in Galicia, Valsa Cultural Association and Bota Association in Lisbon, among other inhospitable places.

Collaborated with the Therapeutic Theater Group in Lisbon. Organized the Immersive Poetry event “multiVERSES” which takes place at PRISMA Estúdio in Lisbon.

Works as a copywriter, content writer and translator.

In 2021 she publishes the poetry of other fires, with Occasional Lovers.

Cláudia Lucas Chéu

(1978) Writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter. She has published the texts for theater Glória ou como Penélope Morreu de Tédio [2011, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II], Violência – fetiche do homem bom [2013, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II], A Cabeça Muda [2014, Cama de Gato edições], Veneno [2015, Guillotine editions].

In prose poetry, he published the book Nojo [2014, (non) editions].

In poetry, the book Trespass [2014, Guillotine Editions] and Pornographia [2016, Labirinto Publishing].

In 2017, the book Ratazanas [Selo Demónio Negro, São Paulo (Brazil)] was published in poetry.

She published in 2018, her first novel Those Who Will Die, [Labirinto Publishing House] and Drinking by the Bottle [poetry, Companhia das Ilhas Publishing House].

The Bullet Woman and other short stories [Labirinto Publishing, 2019], Confession [poetry, Companhia das Ilhas, 2020], the Sapiens Woman [short stories and essays, Companhia das Ilhas and Público newspaper, 2021] and The Lying Life of Children [Nova Mymosa, 2021].

He has just published Ode triumphal à Cona [poetry, Companhia das Ilhas, 2022] and Orlando – Tratado Sobre a Dignidade Humana [2022, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II]. The book Confissão (Confession) was a semi-finalist for the Oceanos Award in 2021.

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