The Salty Angels and the Effervescent Ooze (exhibition)

20 – 26 January

Vernissage Friday 20 January 6pm

Finnisage Thursday 26 January 6pm

Join the Salty Angels as they venture through the primordial realms of existence: Earth, water, and space.

Join Prisma’ residents Rina Barbarić, Andréa Grasso, DNF (Did Not Finish) for their art exhibition.

Rina’s work explores the connections between femininity and water, the home of the Salty Angels.

Andréa’s work involves a rethinking of our common realities, subverting space, and the built environment through a kaleidoscopic gaze.

DNF’s holy poetic meditations on the human condition act as a warm glove for our time here on Earth.

Join us on 20/1 and celebrate Art with tasty thematic treats, beverages, and electronic sounds.

Catalogue from The Salty Angels and the Effervescent Ooze

Photography : Xristina Sayoğlu

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