Anti-Discrimination Statement

Prisma is an association that supports all artists, from the most diverse artistic performing segments. The values of the association are based on empathy, respect and inclusion. In collaboration with various artists, we do our utmost to give space to the identities of any and all artistic expression and provide a safe and free space for all creative exploration.

In this sense, we support each individual, in their multiple facets. We condemn any racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or discriminatory behavior that is not in line with our values.

Prisma has the utmost respect for all people living with HIV and their efforts and hardships. The accusations raised do not represent our institution and the work we do. We believe in the inclusion of all human beings.

We are a newly founded association managed by volunteer members, we have major internal gaps in our organizational forum, especially in our internal communication. These gaps prevented a clear and timely response to a complaint that was filed, and for this we apologize.

We want to ensure that no aggrievance goes unheard again, and that every situation can be handled with expediency as soon as it is raised, and  receive an appropriate response. In order to become more available we have created a contact line to expose any kind of discrimination within the association. A safe space for everyone, in order to maintain the welfare standards of all our members and guests.

In this way we officially step towards enhancing our commitment to fight discrimination within the association. A specific and anonymous contact channel has been installed – you can reach us via – to receive any report of discrimination that may have occurred in our space, and to receive any feedback.

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