Barroklyn Agency present Puxa.Dot e DJ Rikyy

The Barroklyn Agency invite you all to join us in this journey of musical african vibes in this month which everybody is celebrating all around the world! Come to us and listen to the different african musical Eras where Puxa.Dot and Dj Rikyyy will lead us into the good african rhythm.

*** Doors open – 15th December – 6 pm – Entrance 5 EUR (ink. free drink) **

• • • ARTIST • • •

DJ Rikyyy”, a young Afro DJ/Producer; Afro Beat; Afro House. With performances at venues such as Radio Ophelia; Arroz Estúdios; Space Garden and others; Dancing is guaranteed, where “Rikyyy” takes us on an energetic journey through the hot sounds of the African continent. is Paulo Sousa’s alter ego. He was born in Portugal but the music that runs in his veins comes from much more distant lands… An unconditional lover of sounds and rhythms that are warmer and more African with tropical overtones, this “alfacinha” (from Lisbon) born in one of the seven hills of Lisbon – Bairro Alto – has been slowly conquering his place in the new generation of “tropical” DJs and selections and of African music in all its diversity, well represented by the eclecticism of his musical choices. His set includes hot rhythms from various African countries in 360º format, mixing styles such as afrobeat, soukous, funaná, zouk and many others. Music to dance to in an apologetic way to free the body and exorcise bad vibrations is what this convicted and incorrigible music lover, always ready to liven up any party with his alacrity and contagious energy, brings with him. He summons us to a certainty: it’s PUXA ponto!

The Host

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