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More than any other place, Martim Moniz and its surroundings embody the conflicted nature of Lisbon’s urban imaginaries, thriving as a fermenting mixture of cultures and identities, localized and globalized at the same time. A place of leisure, commerce, picnics, and lots of music. Even if the square might not have been gentrified yet, the surrounding areas have drastically changed, bringing about an accelerating dynamic of uncertainty, fear, and distrust. What in this area is hegemonic and what is alternative? What is the form taken by the dreams of those who live, walk, and play through these places?

Focusing on the area of Martim Moniz and Mouraria, we intend to reflect on the intercultural coexistence of a densely populated area, showing how the urban and human landscape is progressively being defined and redefined, driven by gentrification and housing crises. Through artistic actions open to participation, displayed in Prisma and the surrounding public space, Carmen Bioque, Dela Christin Mießen, and the members of Mais Uno +1 Alexia Alexandropolou, Alina Shpakova, Elžbieta Upė Rozanovaitė, Inês Nêves, and Marta Dorin collectively question and open a conversation on the social and political dynamics of this neighbourhood.

Vernissage 21th – 7 pm

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Friday 21 April 2023


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Prisma Estúdio
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After graduating from the BA Art and Design History and Practice in Kingston University London and the MA in Multimedia Art in Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, CARMEN BIOQUE is Spanish-born researcher, curator and multimedia artist mainly reflecting on hybrid art practices linked to the moving image, installation and electronic music with the aim of exploring the synergy between imagescape and soundscape as to appeal to the subject’s emotional innerscapes. Her most recent project, the final thesis for the MA, drew on the nexus between art and altered states of consciousness as an echo of a transcultural human problem: the need for an experience of 'going out of oneself' to make the present more habitable, while specifically addressing rave culture as its contemporary location.

Other Organizers


attends the MA in Culture Studies: Management of the Arts and Culture at UCP. She works as a freelance editor for the German Cultural Foundation and is involved in curatorial activities in Lisbon. Her current research focuses on notions of cultural identity presented in visual arts and the coexistence of different (counter-)narratives.


Is a curatorial, project, and research collective that acts towards the transformative power of art through the creation of incremental relationships/ecosystems between artists, communities, and territories. This collective emerged from a common will to: complement and create new, more horizontal, and accessible alternatives for the institutional contemporary art circuits based on collaborative and transdisciplinary relationships; expand art practice to territories and groups that are usually not included in the cultural scene, diversifying and enriching its socio-cultural tissue and its mutual support; reflect on the active role of art practice as a continuous project that creates new imaginaries and communal dynamics, and fosters aggregating, experimental, emancipated, and critical art practices. Mais uno +1 was born in Lisbon in January 2022, and has since then developed various curatorial projects, publications, and educational programs. The collective has collaborated so far with several organizations such as LARGO Residências, ArtPool, Fábrica Braço de Prata, among others.

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