TOXIC – Loveletters to addiction

Vernissage Friday 7pm

We live in a world where we are ALL addicted.
Substances, technology, behaviors…
For the exhibition Carina A. Stiefel reduced it to the most common and obvious things, like alcohol, tobacco, coffee. These things are often marketed to us as sources of freedom and enjoyment, as they’re easily accessible everywhere and at all times. This sense of freedom is misleading, and the exhibition reveals the ugly truth behind it.

An exhibition resulting from scientific studies and a 44 minute performance that took place in Zurich October 2021.

Vernissage Friday 7 pm


Carina A. Stiefel is a transdisciplinary artist, of Swiss-Brazilian descent, who has called Lisbon home since 2022.

Their art is characterized by public performances that carry a powerful social message. At the heart of all their works is a deep connection to spirituality.
Currently her focus is on the power of owns one voice, from a scientific as well as an artistic
point of view.

“Healing and transformation through creativity, then to create is our highest potential.”


Thursday - Tuesday 16 - 21 March 2023


Prisma Estúdio
Rua da Palma 268, Lisboa 1200-660

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