Inside the light

9-23 September
Vernissage Friday 9 September 7pm

Inside the light, an exhibition by Valerio Giovannini where is represented through his works the direction taken on the research in the field of painting. In the pieces you will find abstract, figurative, realistic and imaginative representations, in a union guided by light.

All works were created in Lisbon before and after the pandemic.

In this dialogue with the spectator, paradoxical works aim to show Yin (darkness, nothing…) through Yang (something, light…)

An exhibition of works to represent my different  and parallel lines of research in the field of painting. Abstract, figurative, realistic and imaginative works of art, all united by the centrality of light and created in Lisbon before and after the pandemic.

Paradoxical works of art that aim to show the Yin (darkness, nothingness…) through the Yang (the something, the light…) 

Vernissage Friday 9 of September 7pm

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Born in Florence in 1977, Valerio Giovannini has always painted and drawn.
In 2001 he had the first of a series of solo and group exhibitions.
Graduated in Semiotics of Arts at the University of Siena, since 2008 he has developed an artistic production inspired by the ancient Etruscan civilization in collaboration with several Italian archaeological museums.

In 2013 he obtained a Master degree in Comparative Aesthetics and the Arts at the University of Cork, Ireland.

In recent years the artist has focused his work on the relationship with the surrounding environment with live painting and drawing performances on the streets of Lisbon and during theatre, dance and music events.

In 2018, as an independent director, Giovannini finished his first feature film, the docufiction “The Witches’ Republic” and in December 2022 he finished his second one: “The $ociety of the$ Pig$”.
He also works as an animator and performer of live drawing in concert and for animated films and music videos.

His works have been acquired by private collectors and cultural institutions in Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, USA, Russia, Netherlands and China. 

Website Instagram @engenheirosdoacaso

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