Kenny Mendes in residence

20 – 23 October

Preparing for Novembers’ Keninãna exhibition, Prisma is delighted to host Kenny Mendes (@kennydeoliveiramendes ), whittler extraordinaire and avid eco-sculptor. 

Availing mainly to Found Objects and incorporating foraging as a vantage point for inspiration, Kenny traverses the Iberian woods in search of raw materials discarded by the earth to guide his knife. Happy accidents are a mainstay of his work, conversing with chaos, forming it into coherency with successive, gentle strokes to lure out the inner soul hiding in any broken branch or flotsam. A playful, open ended process that remains receptive by reacting to the raw material, rather than forging it into submission. Staying attuned to nature, and being present in a moment of meditative trance and attentive introspection to seek out and facilitate the curves and shapes that unleash the anima of every whittled artefact. 

Kenny will be sharing his work process and displaying his creations in Prisma during the third week of this month, while gearing up to November’s exhibition “Keninãna” where he will join forces with Janis Dellarte for their highly anticipated massive site specific installation.

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