YOUBITCOLD (concert)

Friday 18 November 7pm

An evening of experimental avant-garde jazz performed by saxophonist and bass clarinetist, improvisor and experimental composer Elio Amberg in quartet with fellow curiosities Emilie Skrijelj, abstract accordionist, turn-tablist and co-founder of the label “eux saem”, along with co-founder Tom Malmendier, drummer, autodidact sound explorer and transdisciplinary facilitator. Last but not least they will bring along a fourth mystery guest to complete the quartet and fill our night with improvised and saturated sounds roaring across Europe.  More details.


Tom Malmendier

Mostly self taught, he is from the very beginning interested in the sound, more than in the pure technique of the instrument, or the goal of “being a drummer”. Improvisation became a great part of his playing. He made workshops with Chris Corsano, Sophie Agnel, Mats Gustaffson, Okkyung Lee and Edward Perraud. He works on transdisciplinary projects and meets actors, dancers, visual artists, poets, … He actively performs on stages in Europe, and has participated in internationally renowned festivals such as Festival Météo (France), Konfrontationen (Austria), Mozg Festival (Poland), Bruisme (France), Atlantique Jazz Festival (France), Jazz à Luz (France), Meakusma (Belgium), …

Emilie Skrijelj

Studied Fine arts and space design at the University of Metz, obtaining a Master in 2011 and wrote a memoir about the interactions between sound and space used by composeur and sound artist (1948-1984). She explores the accordion in its smallest folds and uses it both as a percussion instrument and a generator of electroacoustic materials. Inspired by her research around the turntable, modular synths and field recording, she brings the accordion to the abstract territory of electronics by manipulating the bellows, rubbing its contours and exploring its extremities. In 2020, she created with Tom Malmendier their label eux saem focused on improvised music and experimentations and the video series Presque île gathered on a soundmap.

Elio Amberg

Elio Amberg, saxophonist and bass clarinetist is currently based in Lucerne and Berlin. Through improvisation and compositions he explores rhythmic constructs, extended playing techniques, the structuring of free tonal melodies, and the border area between electronic and acoustic music. He has also developed transdisciplinary and experimental events with the Lucerne based collective CLUB DÄNEMARK. He is part of several bands in the field of avant-garde jazz (Sc’ööf and Julius Amber among others) and has received international resonance with them. As an improviser, he plays with well-known Swiss musicians in duos and trios and collaborates with musicians from all over the world.

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