Artist in residence showcase 2nd edition

26 Oct – 2 Nov

Prisma’s Artist In Residence Programme is thrilled to showcase its second round of graduates. Two of Prisma’s residency graduates will display projects developed during their tenure in the programme.

An intimate reacquaintance with photography by Fabienne explores emotional landscapes and their inhabitants, portrayed through a personal lens that reached through the fourth wall, is paired with Lovisa’s immersive installation that plays on light and perspective, compelling visitors to contemplate the ambiguity of roles between physics and organics. 

The showcase will be on display at Prisma through 2.11, members and visitors are invited to join the opening on 26.10.


Fabienne Schackert

Fabi, a German photographer who also works in Public Relations. After a year break from her work as a photographer, she used the Prisma residency to find a new path and excitement for her own art. With a repertoire in photography of people and concerts, she has followed a more personal path in recent weeks. The photos shifted from an observational and documentary style to a constructed, realistic one in order to express her thoughts.

The exhibition displays a collection of photos whose representation captures the feeling of being constantly on the verge, close to feeling and reaching something. Fabi wants the photos to carry the weight and sweetness she feels in these moments.

Lovisa Sandlund


Lovisa Sandlund is a Swedish/Australian multidisciplinary artist focusing mainly on exploring concepts of consciousness and dreams through reflective glass, mirrors and plexi glass. 

Incorporating an element of non-physicality
an entity
mirroring a mirror
reflecting a reflection
of both physical and non-physical features of this space it exists in. If all we know is subjectivity – in a place unbound by space and time – what is then a visual representation of an ineffable state of mind, 
what an incredible room to 
are you going up or are you going down?
let the 
nihil sub sole novum X a forbidden language
articulate this qualia to you

By Lovisa Sandlund

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