Duo – J.Sasso – Sara Muñiz (concerto)

5 August 7pm

Associação Terapêutica do Ruído – ATR cooperates for the first time with Prisma Estúdio to present a double dose of duos: on one hand the debut in Lisbon of the new project by Spanish musicians Sara Muñiz (viola) and J.Sasso (guitar) and on the other Sal Grosso & Flor de Sal, an unprecedented collaboration of António Silva’s ambiental and exploratory electronics project with guitarist André Lança (which was supposed to take place in April last year at the fifteenth session of Aterro, ATR’s monthly residency at Desterro, but which had to be postponed to this occasion).

Entrance 5€


Sara Muñiz / J.Sasso is a new collaborative project. It’s the perfect platform for their research in the field of sound through the viola and the guitar. Their fondness for sounds ranging from ambient and noise to atmospheres and landscapes and the use of loops and effects facilitate a proposal that moves between abstraction and melodic forms. It is a project in search of a narrative, dynamics and silence.



Sal Grosso & Flor de Sal is a refined encounter, tempered and reverberated by the temperatures of confinement. A match made in the ether of the internet, which is expected to be aloof and gentle in equal parts. No network, no previous study, no lines to follow: what remains is a guitar, some effect pedals and a noisy box where anything can happen.


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