REFLECTIONS – Rendre l’âme au corps

The residency program (Prisma AiR) brought together four women, each with a unique background and story. As they conversed, they discovered common experiences and a desire to express themselves to the world. Through this exhibition, they hope to heal emotional scars and reunite their body and soul.

By expressing their childhood and their adolescence, Helene and Adèle want to create a safe place for their struggling minds to think about the impact of their past on their bodies, and to allow themself to re-appropriate.

This exhibition is not about blaming, it’s about re-creating a beautiful exchange with their soul and body.

They want to offer themselves the gift of time, reflection, and peace.

It’s a long journey to achieve, and we are just at the beginning, but with this exhibition, we invite you to join us in our research of peace and self-love.

Events of the week


Thursday - Wednesday 23 - 29 March 2023


Prisma Estúdio
Rua da Palma 268, Lisboa 1200-660


Adèle Dewavrin
Adèle Dewavrin

Adèle Dewavrin is a French writer known for her short stories and poems about her generation’s fights and how they feel about them. In 2022, she published a children’s book titled “La toute petite planète.” Her first exhibition, Reflections, is a product of her residency program. Collaborating with painter Helene, Dewavrin expresses her personal fight to liberate her body from societal and childhood constraints.

Other Organizers

Helene Klug
Helene Klug

Helene Klug is a self-taught artist from Germany. In her abstract nude and face paintings in which she expresses aesthetics, chaos, and complete color splendor. She uses mainly oil and acrylic colors with a brush and palette knife to visualize her past, present and future experiences, and visions.

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